Private Retreats at SBV

Sitagu Buddha Vihara offers the possibility of private retreats for individuals or groups. Private retreats accommodate the intentions of the individual retreatant(s). Some come to the vihara primarily to meditate, some to study in our library, some to provide meritorious help around our large and hard to maintain center, and most to do some combination of these. If you want to come for retreat you should submit a clear statement of purpose. You might ask for seclusion and wish to maintain silence. You might wish to follow an enhanced set of eight yogi precepts, which preclude eating after noon. You might want to get detailed help with your meditation, in learning a technique or working with problems that have arisen. You might even want to ordain here temporarily as a monk or nun. All options must be consistent with maintaining the quiet, contemplative environment of our center. Most will follow at least the Standard Retreat Schedule below.

There is no cost to the retreatants for housing and generally meals are freely available. This is possible because generosity is the lifeblood of our community and donors have given generously to build cabins  and provide other needs because they believe in the value of your practice. (Likewise, you might want to become such a donor on behalf of others!)

Standard Private Retreat Schedule

In general, this schedule should be followed as completely as possible unless other arrangements have been made. Also, we ask that no special practices such as fasting or noble silence be undertaken. This stipulation allows participants to integrate more fully into community life. Unscheduled time can be used for additional meditation or walking meditation, study, meeting with teachers, volunteer work or relaxing. Please consider helping in the kitchen from 11-11:30 and after each meal. All Saturday and Sunday classes are recommended in lieu of meditation. You can download a pdf of the schedule HERE.


Meditation and chanting are generally in the Dhamma Hall, sometimes in the Pagoda. Sunday afternoon classes are in the Dining Hall.

Applying for a private retreat

  1. As a first time visitor you may stay up to one week, or two weeks if you are traveling from out of state. Please do not come if you do not have home to return to at the end of this period. The dates of your retreat will have to be made consistent what other events have been scheduled and with the availability of the monks.

  2. You should discuss your retreat with one of the monks. You can contact one of the monks HERE. Please state clearly the purpose of your retreat and any special arrangements that might be required.

  3. If you are planning to bring a group of people, meals and other logistical matters might require planning.

  4. You will be asked to fill out a registration form on arrival. The form can also be found HERE.